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Fort Elmfield - FAWM Albums

FAWM 2009

The first year we did February Album Writing Month. All instrumentals, using FL Studio and EZDrummer for drums. Mixes are mostly quite bad.

FAWM 2010

The second year for FAWM. All instrumentals, again using FL Studio and EZDrummer for drums. Mixes are still mostly quite bad.

FAWM 2011

Third year FAWMing. This time I started singing (badly), and our friend Tiffany sang on a couple of tracks too! Again using FL Studio and EZ Drummer for drums. Still haven't learned anything about better mixes...

FAWM 2012

FAWM number four! I think this was the year I invested in Superior Drummer and put a bit more effort into mixing and mastering. Some more bad singing on a few tracks here, but arguably better than 2011.

FAWM 2013

Half a decade! This was the year of our first official collaboration, when the talented Mike Debenham lent his voice to "Monsoon". It also has one of the more memorable Fort Elmfield FAWM tracks in "They're Genetic!", which I still quite like.

FAWM 2014

The sixth year of FAWM was difficult for the Fort. We only managed three tracks, and although the quality was solid, it was our least productive February yet.

FAWM 2015

Something must have happened in 2015 - 7th year FAWMing, and we only got two tracks done. For shame! Fortunately, I think "Forever" turned out to be one of the more memorable instrumentals so far.

FAWM 2016

We went from lowest track count to highest track count in 2016! This was our strongest FAWM showing up till that point - we finished 9 tracks at a decent quality with acceptable mixes, and covered quite a range of styles too. Fun times!

FAWM 2017

2017 marked the 8th successive year that we had participated in FAWM. We managed two collaborations with great singers this year, "Scrivener" with Mike Debenham and "Second Nature" (a personal favourite) with Deena Shoshkes contributing lyrics and vocals.
This is a new record for us! Eleven finished songs, and it's probably our most polished FAWM album to date... enjoy!